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Shanghai Golden Power Port Technology(GPP) is focusing on High Power Lithium battery cell test and battery management system test. The test sets are widely used in many departments, such as battery pack production dept., QA test dept., Customer service dept., Battery Distributor,…etc, GPP Tech. has more than 10 years experience on BMS test and Battery test, and is willing to provide the dedicated products based on customer’s request.

GPP Technology’s major test solution for Lithium battery include:

1.1~16cells and 1~24cells battery cell fast test set;

2.Battery fast diagnosis solution for battery distributor’s ;

3.Lithium battery abnormal situation simulator;

4.1~16cells and 1~32cells Battery management board quick tester;

5.1~24cells lithium battery balancing maintenance system;

6.Lithium battery changing & discharging status tracking solution;



Contact: Henry Zhang

Phone: 13817281575

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Email: zh@gpp-tech.com

Add: Rm1519, LiJin International Building, No.1615 CaoAn Road, Shanghai,China 201800

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